Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Nice Afternoon

My nephew Mike and I took Popeye down Multnomah Channel Saturday on a lovely afternoon. No drama or story, just a sweet running boat and a lovely afternoon. I need to put a camera in the boat so I have pictures for the blog. At a leisurely 2300 rpm we made 4.8 knots over ground going downstream and 4.3 coming up. We were passed by almost every boat on the channel except an interesting stern wheeler that was human powered.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Legacy Lady

Legacy Lady is listed For Sale on the internet.

Two Legacies for Sale

I was just on the internet and searched for Legacy 32 for sale. Got 3 pages, most of them go-fast boats, but there are 2 full cabin model Legacy double-enders for sale. One is $75000 and the other $85000. Both are early 1990 models. If you cannot find them, email me. One is called Legacy Lady. I did not find a name for the other.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Most of the leaks are gone

Two of the three leaks are gone but the one in the headliner of the pilot house is still there. It drips about one drop every minute or two and we have tried everything. All of the antennas have been re-bedded twice. Now we have put a vinyl thick coating that you paint on, kind of like on trailer houses. Very irritating to try so many things and not get it fixed.

Then to top it off I drained the water out of the fuel filter and must have gotten some air in the line. The engine ran fine for a minute and stopped. Luckily I was still at the slip.

Life is hard.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Troublesome Leaks

Some of you know that I have been frustrated by three leaks in the house (not the hull) of Popeye. One was in the false stack which is actually a locker (cupboard) and left that area always wet. The second was immediately over the aft berth (bed) which made any overnight use or even just making the bed problematic. These two leaks showed up immediately after the boat got here from the east coast and were part of an old pattern that the previous owner had known about from his previous owner, but had not experienced. And the final one was in the overhead of the pilot house and it developed, as best we can be sure, after we put Popeye in the water. This one dripped on you while you we piloting the boat. Lots of fun in rainy Oregon.

Hopefully the leaks are gone. The boat yard at my marina (Multnomah Yacht Repair) found a seam where the false stack was joined to the pilot house that has been the source of the first two leaks. He fiberglassed what had been a caulked seam and the leaks are gone -- or appear to be.

He also applied a rubberized roof coating to the pilot house roof so that it will hopefully not leak. In the process we removed the search light since it seemed to be the source of the roof leak and I never have liked roof mounted search lights. They seem to blind me with reflected light so I can't see any thing anyway.

I feel good with at least the hope that the leaks are gone. Might even make the bed.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Factory Contact Information

The contact information for the factory

President, Legacy Yachts, Inc.
TEL: 727.584.8100
FAX: 727.734.1700